Sometimes an MOT or service will reveal more serious problems with the body of your vehicle. Welding is sometimes required to fuse pieces of metal back together again. This is not always after a big crash as you would expect; often wear and tear over time can weaken metal. Harsh, cold winter weather can also take its toll on the underside of your vehicle and welding is more common than you might think. Additionally areas of rust can build up unseen, leading to weakened and insecure panelling. The inner wheel arch is a common trouble spot for this, due to the rain and surface water it faces on a regular basis. If your vehicle has been in a crash it may have several abrasions in different areas.

When welding we apply a high temperature to the surface of the metal, melting it and making it easy to reform. In some cases additional material is used to help form a really strong joint. The amount of work required will depend on the extent of the damage; it may be only a little spot welding, or we may need to use a whole replacement panel. We are able to use our welding torches to fix everything from floor panels and suspension through to chassis and sills. A car is a heavy piece of machinery and will sometimes require substantial fusing to help get it back into great shape.

Compared to other methods of repair a garage may use, welding gives a mechanic great access to all areas of a vehicle thanks to easily portable equipment. Welding can also produce a consistent finish so that you’re not left with lumps and bumps everywhere. Our in house welder has honed his skills so you can be sure of uniformity in repair work. Welding is a great all-round tool, allowing us to repair all types of metal, both thick and thin. This means it can be used in almost any area of a car where there is wear and tear. The age of your car need not be of concern either; before modern, mass-produced machinery came in all cars were welded together so there is no harm in re-welding vintage cars. In fact, welding allows us to give older models a more authentic treatment and to ensure the same care and attention goes into each job.

Because of the high temperatures, specialist equipment and techniques required, welding should only be performed by trained and experienced engineers. Our team are all fully trained with a wealth of experience under their belts and as a fully equipped garage we are able to undertake welding repair work on vehicles on the premises. We understand only too well what a nightmare it can be to have to make separate appointments for this kind of repair work so we always endeavour to get everything done in one go. We are able to offer both patch and seam repair so we’re able to help whether it’s a small hole or a whole part hanging off.

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