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Avon AV12



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Improved wet braking by 5%* due to a new silica rich tyre compound improving the wet label value to B. We deliver value for money. The life span of the Avon AV12 is similar to the proven Avon AV11, based on a durable carcass construction**.
Durability compared to the Avon AV11 is improved significantly by adding two sidewall protection rings and a 6mm wider kerbing rib equipped with recessed lettering. The extensive rally history of Avon helped in developing this sidewall protection technology.
Fuel consumption is partly determined by the rolling resistance level of tyres. Due to the new silica-carbon compound the Avon AV12 reduced rolling resistance by 10%*.
*According to internal testing performed in the UK during 2018 against the Avon AV11. Vehicle used: Volkswagen Transporter T5 2.0 TDI.
**According to independent testing performed in the UK during 2018 against the Avon AV11. Vehicle used: Ford Transit 2.0D

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 14 Tyres
Avon AV12 175/70R14 95T
£92.99 save £2.79
Size 15 Tyres
Avon AV12 195/70R15 104R
£88.99 save £2.67
Avon AV12 215/65R15 104T
£112.99 save £3.39
Avon AV12 215/70R15 109S
£105.99 save £3.18
Size 16 Tyres
Avon AV12 185/75R16 104R
£105.99 save £3.18
Avon AV12 195/60R16 99H
£103.99 save £3.12
Avon AV12 195/65R16 104T
£97.99 save £2.94
Avon AV12 195/75R16 110T
£98.99 save £2.97
Avon AV12 205/65R16 107T
£115.99 save £3.48
Avon AV12 205/75R16 113R
£116.99 save £3.51
Avon AV12 215/60R16 103T
£120.99 save £3.63
Avon AV12 215/65R16 109T
£121.99 save £3.66
Avon AV12 215/75R16 116/114R C A 72
£126.99 save £3.81
Avon AV12 225/75R16 121R
£141.99 save £4.26
Avon AV12 235/65R16 115R
£135.99 save £4.08
Size 17 Tyres
Avon AV12 215/60R17 109H
£136.99 save £4.11